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HIGH COURT OF MALAYA JUDGE, 14 July 2004                                     

14 July 2004


The Honourable Justice                                                         

Dato' Azmel bin Haji Maamor DSNS, PPT                            

HIGH COURT OF MALAYA                                           

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad                                           

Jalan Raja                                                                                   
50506 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                               

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Your Honour


RE: SUIT NO. S2-23-41-2004 AMENDED ORDER 29 JUNE 2004



In the interests of justice I am writing further to my letter dated 5 July in relation to the above lawsuit.


I attach for your information a copy of a letter which Dr Huong received from the solicitors acting for the Royal Dutch Shell Group, T H Liew & Partners, on 10 July, plus my related comments subsequently posted on my website,


Dr Huong faxed the letter to me because he was anxious to demonstrate that he was telling me the truth, that Shell really has threatened him with prison for publishing Court papers which I understand were in fact already in the public domain. This has been confirmed to me again this morning from Malaysia by an independent party who has experience in such matters. I have however removed the court papers pending confirmation/clarification. However it would surely be wrong for Shell to threaten a former employee with committal proceedings under a false pretext, if that is the case.


Please note that although the letter from T H Liew & Partners contains an implied threat against me personally, no action has been taken against me. This is because Shell is well aware that I have in my possession a considerable volume of incontrovertible documentary proof which will substantiate the comments made by Dr Huong about the senior management of the Royal Dutch Shell Group.


I have also attached a copy of an email received today from Mr Anslem John-Miller, the President of the National Union of Ogoni Students.  As per his email, I have also attached a copy of a class action law suit, Civil Number 02 CV 7618, in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, which has recently been given consent to proceed.  I respectfully invite you to read the content as it contains truly chilling testimony.   


Berger & Montague P.C. a leading class action law firm based in Philadelphia is acting for the Plaintiffs, who include Mr John-Miller and his esteemed father, Bishop John-Miller, together with Mr Charles Wiwa, the nephew of the late Nobel Laureate Ken Saro-Wiwa whose untimely death by execution is mentioned in the email. This great man died because he campaigned peacefully against Shell.


Sir Philip Watts, the former Group Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group who was forced to resign in early March 2004 following the reserves scandal, was deposed in London in April in connection with this law suit. As Mr John-Miller points out, Shell has recently admitted that its activities fed the conflict and violence in Nigeria. He has asked me to supply you with a copy of a related confidential report commissioned by Shell. Since it runs to over a 100 pages I will send it at a later date.


Mr John-Miller has indicated that he is willing to provide a sworn Affidavit to the lawyers acting for Dr Huong, as has Mr Charles Wiwa, which will confirm that the accounts given by them in the CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT about Shell’s evil activities in Nigeria are true. I am also arranging to obtain testimony from other parties such as environmental groups of international standing.


Your Honour I am sure you will have realised that Dr Huong is being hammered by Shell as a substitute for me. Unfortunately for Dr Huong he is a soft target caught in the crossfire. This latest fracas is entirely in respect of my website to which Shell takes great exception, but is unwilling to face me head on in the UK libel courts.


Yours sincerely 

Alfred Donovan  

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