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Message from Royal Dutch Shell Plc CEO, Jeroen ("the finger") van der Veer, to new SEC Chairman, Christopher Cox, after Cox brands Shell's reserves scandal - a fraud : Saturday 8 October 2005:


“I did sign false reserves figures on Form 20F, but it was just a fraudian slip “


FT: “Cox… chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission noted "European frauds" at Vivendi, Royal Dutch Shell and Parmalat: Friday 7/10/05: READ

FT: SEC chief: “European frauds”... Vivendi, Royal Dutch Shell and Parmalat demonstrated scandals not confined to US”: Friday 7/10/ 2005: READ Shell Continues To Support Mullahs, Despite US Sanctions: “Scrutiny from SEC on activities in Iran could increase if Cox nominated by Bush to head the regulator”: 23/07/05: READ (Abbreviated Headline)

Disclaimer: The above comment is attributed to Mr Van der Veer purely in jest. We are sure he is too much of a gentleman to make any such gesture or remark.

Jeroen could receive a  20 year jail sentence after signing accounts
fraud case to proceed against Jeroen

Financial Times: Collaboration is 'vital' says Cox: “…Cox… became chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission in August…”: “He highlighted US "scandals" at Enron, WorldCom, HealthSouth, Global Crossing, Qwest and Tyco. But he said they were not unique to the US, and noted "European frauds" at Vivendi, Royal Dutch Shell and Parmalat. "Cross-border collaboration in international enforcement is growing in importance because massive financial frauds by major market participants have rocked the global financial world," he said.”: Friday 7 October 2005: READ

Financial Times: SEC chief aims for global co-operation: The new head of the chief US financial watchdog on Thursday pledged co-operation with overseas securities regulators so as to nurture “global investor confidence”. “He said “European frauds” such as Vivendi, Royal Dutch Shell and Parmalat demonstrated that corporate scandals were not confined to the US..”: Posted Friday 7 October 2005: READ Shell Continues To Support Mullahs, Despite Obvious US Sanctions: “Scrutiny from the SEC on European companies' activities in Iran could increase if Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Calif., nominated by President Bush to head the regulator, is appointed.”: July 23, 2005: READ

The Independent: Jeremy Warner's Outlook: As it struggles to find its raison d'être, should Cable & Wireless really be buying Energis? “A year ago, the FSA imposed a £17m fine on Shell in full and final settlement of the scandal of mis-stated reserves. To most people this would seem a much more heinous case of market abuse. Apparently knowingly, the company had overstated its reserves over a period of years, yet so far there have been no criminal prosecutions, only a fine which though large is of barely any significance at all for a company of Shell's size. Shell is a Goliath of a company, with teams of lawyers and compliance officers pawing over everything it says and does, yet still it failed to correct the stream of misleading statements on reserves that were issued from the late 1990s onwards.”: Saturday 8 October 2005: READ

Revisit the scandal: Arabies Trends: Decline and fall of The mighty Royal Dutch/Shell Group: May 2004


Previous comments attributed in jest to Jeroen ("the finger") van der Veer: -

A message from Jeroen van de Veer concerning the "Rossport Five" debacle (4 Oct 05)

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