By Zik Gbemre, JP

With regards to the much reported Ogoni crises and the recent ‘re-awakening’ of the possibility this crises by the Shell/Belema Oil Ltd deceptive plot concerning the Divestment of Ogoni oil fields, we consider it necessary to reiterate previous stands and make this clarion to all well-meaning Niger Deltan.

Let us all work together to save Ogoni from economic slavery. Let Ogoni people take control and remain stooges to other people. We should support and work with a company owned by, or with significant interest by Ogoni people. If there is none, form a Hydrocarbon Prospecting and Management Company to be the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to present for the oil block divestment bid. This is the best option for Ogoni, to ensure the following minimum expectations are delivered.

Every Social Group is engaged and consulted to participate in decision making.

Place full implementation of UNEP report on the list as priority before any oil exploration commences.

Establish Joint Venture (JV) partnership that secures for Ogoni position to “own equity and share in production directly according to % equity held”. No profit sharing options as that will deny earnings and is subject to cheating, deceit and manipulation.

Ensure Ogoni is represented on the Board of the Company by experienced people with good business mentality.

Ensure the Top Management of Company has Ogoni people in key decision making positions. Ogoni people should be located in the company organisation chart.

Ensure full implementation of Nigerian Content Development Act that says first consideration be given to indigenous people in contracts, employment and allocation of oil fields. Therefore ensure maximum portion of contracts and jobs are reserved for Ogoni people.

Build main project office staffed by senior personnel with decision authority in Bori or within any oil bearing community.

Fund scholarship programmes and establishment of skills development centres in Ogoni for the benefit of Ogoni people.

Follow up success with Construction of Downstream and Petrochemical Industries and Gas based Power Plants to boost economic activities and enhance wealth and Employment Generation. Every Ogoni person that is employable will be given priority consideration and assured employment. As a result, Ogoni will be secured and peaceful, and the environment protected and preserved for generations to come.

Ensure one global “holistic agreement will be signed for Ogoni,” and not fragmented and compartmentalised along community lines, as this causes internal divisions.

As many investors as are interested should be encouraged after thorough due diligence is carried out on them to assess their qualifications and capabilities.

Zik Gbemre, JP

National Coordinator

Niger Delta Peace Coalition (NDPC)

No.28, Opi Street Ugboroke Layout, Effurun-Warri,

P.O. Box 2254, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

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