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DISCLAIMER: This is not the website of Shell Malaysia nor is it endorsed by Shell or affiliated with them in any way. This is a non-commercial site owned by Alfred and John Donovan of no subscription charges and no advertising. It's purpose it is to provide a discussion forum for current and former employees of Shell in Malaysia and to publish news and commentary specific to Shell's activities in Malaysia. The website is not endorsed by any third party including any current or former Shell employees. All of our Shell related domain names are registered and owned by Alfred Donovan.
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If any current or former employee of Shell in Malaysia would like to have any emails or letters published on this website, please email your contribution to and it will be considered for publication in the correspondence section. Your name and contact details will not be published unless specifically authorised in advance by you.  We realise that there is a climate of fear among current and former Shell employees as a result of the  libel action by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies against Dr Huong (see below) and will only publish information which a contributor specifically wishes to put into the public domain. In other words, we will protect the confidentiality of any information supplied to us on a confidential basis. 
Shell Malaysia and its chairman, Datuk Jon Chadwick (pictured below), are cordially invited to supply for unedited publication on this website anything they wish to state in response to anything published herein, or indeed if they have any other comments they wish to make. 
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Datuk Jon Chadwick
Country Chairman