Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Netherlands/UK: Royal Dutch Shell disputes domain name: "Shell hopes that Donovan will be banned from using the domain name.": Posted 10 June 2005


Shell has called on the World Intellectual Property Organization to rule on the use of the domain name, which was bought by anti-Shell campaigner Alfred Donovan following the company’s publication of its name once its two parent companies are merged in summer 2005, Royal Dutch Shell PLC.


The website contains negative media articles about Shell. Shell hopes that Donovan will be banned from using the domain name.   




Comment by Alfred Donovan: This is not a fair and balanced article. I am not campaigning against Shell but against its hopelessly incompetent senior executives, Jeroen van der Veer and Malcolm Brinded. These gentleman are implicated in the reserves scandal and have turned a blind eye to other serious misconduct at Shell. The libel courts are open to them if they wish to challenge my assertions. My website actually contains positive and negative media articles about Shell. It is not my fault that the negative articles have been far more frequent than the positive ones, mainly because of the reserves scandal.


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